NETTCP WebsiteNew England Transportation Technician Certification Program

Atech Center has had the priveledge of working with the NETTCP on multiple projects for the past seven years including the production of manuals, presentations, and custom pilot courses. Atech has produced the following for the New England Transportation Technician Certification Course (NETTCP):

  • NETTCP Concrete Technician
  • NETTCP Concrete Inspector
  • NETTCP HMA Paving Inspector
  • NETTCP HMA Plant Technician
  • NETTCP Quality Assurance Technologist
    • First in country to take very technical Quality Assurance information and use lay terms to write manual
    • Worked closely with Federal Highway Administration
  • NETTCP Soils Inspector
  • NETTCP Soils & Aggregate Lab Technician