Advance Testing Website Advance Testing Company, Inc.

One of Atech Center's most frequent clients is its own founding company, Advance Testing Company. Atech has been an integral part of training Advance Testing's staff for the past nine years. Over this time, Atech Center has trained hundreds of inspectors in a variety of courses and seminars. Some of the work we have done for Advance Testing includes:

  • Customized training courses
  • ACI Concrete Field Technician Training
  • Designed course for Precast Inspector Level I & Level II
  • Currently developing course for Welding Inspector
  • Currently developing course for Profilometer Operator (Smoothness Testing)
  • Creation of a 2-binder Lab Procedures QSM for Advance Testing's lab including:
    • All Procedures are Indexed to AASHTO #s
    • Each lab procedure includes the AASHTO and ASTM written procedures, along with an Advance Testing written procedure and an Advance Testing illustrated poster
  • Company Brochures (Recruiting, Company Information)
  • Business Cards
  • Company Logo Designs
  • Custom Designed Folders
  • Customized Advertising Designs
  • Training Video Creation

Atech Center is constantly developing new training material, as well as revising and updating material. Atech is also routinely involved in day-to-day training of Advance Testing Lab Technicians.